Xiamen City VI Design


Project: This project is a set of visual image design about Xiamen, an international modern coastal city with beautiful sceneries and environment, a sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian, People’s Republic of China.

Role: Graphic Designer and Visual Artist

Design Inspiration:

Xiamen is a vibrant city. Its urban elements are alternative and colorful. I hope to design a basic pattern that can represent different meanings through various combinations and stitching. My inspiration comes from traditional hand sewing. Just like the needle thread used in sewing, there are pinholes at both ends and the middle of the basic element. Through the needle, different elements are connected in series to form a new image, which represents the different connotations of the city.

By investigating the characteristics of the city, I converted the representative characteristics of the city into icons, such as culture and art. I found inspiration from the graphics of the brush in my hand. Another example is traffic. I used the subway map of Xiamen to find the shape of the design. Xiamen is suitable for living, in order to highlight this feature, I use the house ’s shape with the Gestalt Principle of closure to design the composition of icons.

The pattern design derives from 4 same size movable pieces of paper. The tail and center of each piece can be sewn together with another piece of paper by needle thread. The combination method and angle of paper sheets are changeable, so the patterns designed according to this design concept have variability and diversity.

Logo Design:

Xiamen is a place favorable for living. Therefore, I design the logo “Live Your Life” for this city. The color of the logo originates from the two essential colors of the bougainvillea, the city flower of Xiamen.

The logo design element generates from the first words of Chinese Pinyin Xiamen, which write down as XM.

Sculpture design of XM


Poster Design:

Brochure Design:

2 Fold Design


Calendar Design:


Souvenir CD Cover Design:

Tissue Design:

Truck Cover Design:

Tour Bus Cover Design:




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