Story Planet


Project Name: Story Planet

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya

Role: Interactive Designer and Visual Artist

Project Date: 2018

Story Navigation Screen

Project Introduction:  

Story Planet is a historical story exhibition iPad App that integrates the map format unfolding from traditionally plane with the narration of the linear historical event. Users can view the features of the civilization in different historical periods, where they can navigate and browse in the various historical period, and participate in these relevant historical events in an interactive way.

Target User Group: Teenagers, History Lovers

The result of this reform project is to record the traditional historical stories from the past. The form incorporates rich interactive elements, making the entire user experience process navigatable and desirable.  By following the rules of good user experience design, this app wishes to make users feel engaging and playable. 

Zheng He’s Expedition Story Screen

The innovation is that the project combines a three-dimensional virtual map with a linear historical event narrative. 

The project also combines traditional painting, animation, and three-dimensional rendering to illustrate historical stories that occurred in different historical periods.

Design Thinking:

In order to get the approval of the concept, we chose some famous historical paintings as the starting point to expand our story and endow life to these paintings with interactive storytelling.

The current event in the app and time period focusing is about Renaissance Story, Zheng He’s Expedition, and Joan of Arc Praying in Childhood.

As a designer, I have to consider well the features of the touch screen and allow users to navigate stories smoothly. I also faced the challenge of mixing various cultural styles into one app. It’s an experimental exploration of how to visualize historical stories for the younger generation to engage the beauty of “serious” history.

Early Sketches and Storyboard:

Lady with an Ermine Storyboard


Color Code and Design Patterns:

Concept Arts & UI Design:

App Launching Screen

Player Interaction Screen

Renaissance Story Screen

Joan of Arc Story Screen

Joan of Arc Praying

 The Trial of Joan of Arc Screen

Joan of Arc and Saint Michael

Joan of Arc – Interrogation

3D Renderings:

3D House Model for Zheng He’s Expedition Story


3D Boat Model for Zheng He’s Expedition Story

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