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4 months
UX/UI design
Visual design
Product design
Graphic design
Interaction design
Product Animation Presentation Tool Samsung Wearable Hardware Development
UX/UI designer, Visual designer, Project Manager Elaborate qualitative and quantitative research, plan and conduct user tests (paper and digital), documentation (results, analysis, design insights and inputs). Maintain a routine of design iterations and rapid prototyping Implemented agile workflows with the startup team to manage and coordinate between concurrent projects.
There are some common problems users face while presenting using those methods: The presenter can’t connect to the projector or other technology. The video files and other multimedia won’t play. The sound does not work well etc.
So this project is developed a lightweight digital prototype that demonstrates the viability and benefits of interconnectivity between a smartwatch and smart TV. The goal is to design a user-friendly platform that allows users to instantly transfer files between Samsung devices with just a single tap.


I generate a brainstorming session before we jump into the production stage. Whenever there is an idea, sketch it!

The research is based on three directions:

What does our client need, technical research, and UXUI research.

The technical research includes hardware/software limits, features API reference and Arduino Components. The UXUI research focuses on Samsung’s design principle and how to best fit the user’s need.

This section is for visualize the ideas so that the team can understand them clearly and give each other feedback. Visual representation conveys something that words couldn’t. A picture’s worth 1,000 words
Samtap is targeted to office workers who find it time-consuming and unreliable to showcase their PowerPoint presentations to their colleges. The aim is to create an app that reduces the time and number of steps it takes to initiate projecting a presentation. Whether the users are novice or experts, the app is focused on ease of learning for all types of office users.


The user flow is constructed by 7 steps:

Step 1: Open the SamTap App
Tap the SamTap logo from the main menu of the watch
Step 2: Log into Google Account
The user will have the choice of either using their phones to pair with the watch or typing their Google account and password (they can choose to remember the password for future login) to sign into their Google Drive.
Step 3: Select folder from Google Drive
After successfully logging into Google Drive, the user will see their saved files that are categorized in different folders, which include: images, presentation files, documents, music and videos (the MVP only focused on images and presentation files). In this case, SamTap syncs with a Google account for sharing files. This means when one updates information from their Google Drive on other devices, the content from SamTap will also change automatically. The user needs to swipe to see different folders.
Step 4: Select a file from the folder
The user can view the thumbnails for their files.
The user needs to tap a certain file in order to open and display it. To select multiple files for displaying, one can long-tap on any files, and then tap all the files he wants to select.
Step 5: Tap to display
After selecting a file/files, the user can press the display button to demonstrate the file on TV. The user will have the option of either using his watch to tap the TV or selecting a device through remote connection (the list of near-by devices) to display the selected file/files.
Step 6: Use the remote to control
Different file types corresponded to their specific remote controls. For example, if a user selects a presentation file, the system will jump to the PowerPoint remote. The entire process is automatic. The system itself will recognize the file type and jump to its remote interface. To change slide/image, the user has the choice of either swiping or rotating the rim.
Step 7: Quit display by clicking the back button
If the user finishes displaying from the TV, he is able to click the side-button from the watch and quit the display mode. The watch interface will jump back to the main menu, which is the Google Drive folder. If the user wants to log off from his Google Drive, he can press the log off button on the top of the main folder menu.
The primary color palette is used across the interface design:
The font Breeze Sans was used for the SamTap application. It is specifically designed for the Tizen UI by Dalton Maag. The typeface provides excellent readability and can help users better understand the content.


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