Project Name:  INFINITE

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Projector, Camera, Projectors

Project Type: Infinite is a digital media performance, which combines experimental video with modern dance. This exhibition project leverages digital media technologies to emerge inspirational digital content and modern dance for improving people’s respect for life equality.

Role: Designer and Developer

Project Inspiration:

Based on my inspiration from spiral rulers’ graphics. My experimental video is made of abstractive graphics, which present the minimalist circular aesthetics from the graphics’ slow motions

Design Patterns

Art Performance Effect

Project Set-up:

Projector 1: EPSON 4010 | Projector 2: HITACHI CP- A200

Camera1: Canon 5D Mark 4, Lens: 24-105mm F4L IS II USM 

Camera2: Canon 60D, Lens: 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS UD

The placement of two cameras is very critical to this project, which is related to the quality of the video material and the embodiment of the central idea. Due to the limited size of the gallery, the camera can only be placed as far as possible to get a panoramic position.

Development Process:

To achieve the effect of pre-simulation, I tried several types of set up to place the projector. Different models of projectors have different maximum coverage areas and different degrees of focus, so after determining the size of the projecting area and the model of the projector, the best position can only be determined by moving the projector position.

This picture shows where I climbed the ladder to fix the projector’s position. 

Problem Solved: The wire of the projector can not appear in the camera. So, where is the best location for setting up the projector in order to achieve the best available scene?

Problem Solved: How can I make the picture projected by the projector cover projecting the preset coverage area?

This picture shows that I am communicating with dancers and discussing how to maximize the concept of infinite with subtle body language.







Problem Solved: The light reflected from the wall is too strong, resulting in poor shooting results. How to avoid such a lighting issue?


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