Project Name:I Remember. 

Project Type: Interactive Design

Tools: Photoshop, Processing

Role: Interactive Designer & Programmer

Project Description: 

I Remember is an application programmed with processing based on the computer. I used abstractive graphics to simulate the processes of my memory. The background is composed of mutual interlaced lines, and there are different sizes of cubes going through the lines and falling down like raindrops.  Like my memory process, there is always something left and something disappeared in my brain during my life journey.


Interaction Instruction:
1. When a player clicks a black cube, audio of my past memories will play.

2. When a player presses shift and click a black cube, the cube will leave a colorful mark on the background.

3. When a player presses alt and click a black cube, the cube will disappear.


Coding with Processing

Relationship between Audio and Shapes (Interaction: Click)

For more information please review the video link: https://vimeo.com/308363617

Categories: Interactive Design