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Role: Designer, Watermark painter

Tool: Paper Cutting, Photoshop, Illustrator, Camera

Project Description: The Design inspiration comes from the poem “The River of Life” by Thomas Campbell.


1. Melting


The concept of time is very hard to explain as it always needs a medium carrier. I choose to use ice melting to reflect the design pattern.

I arrange different degrees of melting of each letter in connection with the new sequential order based on the frequencies of these letters in the poem.

The lower the appearance frequency is, the higher degree of melting will be.

2.Light Shadow

Sum up the keywords from poetry: Time & Light.

Combining the feeling as the poetry itself towards time, I chose to use the form of light shadow to represent it by dividing the 26 letters evenly into the time of a day.

The sunlight is different in each time period, and the brightness of the letters cast on the paper through the mold is also different.

We recorded the whole day through this idea.

Design Philosophy:

The design idea comes from the poem entitled “The River of Lift” by Thomas Campbell.

Keywords: Time, Life, River, Memory.

From these keywords, I expand my mind to three elements:  Medium, Texture, Status.

Life is the theme of the poem. So for the medium carrier, I chose L as the main letter and overlapped it with other letters. I only keep the overlapping parts of letters. The order of new patterns is determined by how often each letter appears in the entire poem.

Statistic Result:

E – 93 R – 48 U – 17 V – 7
S – 59 T – 42 W – 15 K – 4
O – 48 N – 38 M – 14 J – 1
A – 45 D – 26 C – 10 Q – 1
I – 39 F – 20 B – 9 X – 0
H – 31 G – 20 P – 9 Z – 0
L – 23 Y – 18


Production Tools

Light Shadow Shooting Process

Light Shadow Shooting Stage

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